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Thoughts from biology alumni

We often hear from former biology students.  Here are comments from a few of them: 

Shelby Harris '13

"I want to reemphasize how thankful I am for you in teaching me anatomy. It put me way ahead of the game during first block of medical school. I hit the ground running and felt very prepared and not as overwhelmed as my peers. The models that you used to teach us embryology at Wofford helped tremendously. You covered in a lot more detail the brachial arches and what they developed into than we were taught in medical school, but having had learned that previously helped me understand functional anatomy so much more easily. We didn’t have to know the details for tests, but being familiar with them was tremendously helpful! The pipe-cleaner model of each arch, and tagging them with what they became (the stapedius for example) made a difficult concept to grasp seem very clear. Seeing the model in color, 3D, and tangibly helped me, a hands-on learner, tremendously. Repetition was also key to not only learning it, but remembering it long term.  The second model that so vividly sticks out in my mind is the play-doh model depicting the development of the germ layers. It made the concept very easy to understand. Even the seemingly insignificant action of cutting the play-doh completely through to make somites or part of the way through to create somitomeres helped me to understand the concept so much more easily that I think I otherwise would have. You asked me if there was anything that I wish we would have done in your class that we didn’t do after having gone through first block of medical school. I can honestly say that I think everything covered in your class was extremely applicable to Wake Forest and helped me to arrive prepared. If I could give any advice to the students taking your anatomy class this semester, it would be to learn the material, don’t just memorize it to make it through. Although it requires a lot of time, it will be worth it in the long run. If you are going to medical school, you’ll have to know that information again, and it’s a lot easier to already know anatomy and only have to learn new stuff than it is to relearn everything you’ve already had. Anatomy makes a lot of sense." 

Miranda Stockman '13

"I just wanted to let you know how well Wofford's biology program has prepared me for vet school. I was concerned entering vet school without an animal science background like many of my classmates got at larger universities, but it has not been a disadvantage at all. In fact, I feel more prepared for my classes by having such a great biology background and foundation. I know how to study hard, think critically, and take tests efficiently. I especially felt prepared for my anatomy classes. Because of the strong knowledge base that I had entering vet school, the first semester of anatomy was not as much of an adjustment for me, and I could approach each lab and class with confidence. I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and the rest of the biology department for challenging me and encouraging hard work during my time at Wofford as I am so much more prepared for everything vet school has thrown my way. Thank you again."